Dressing Rooms As Personal Sanctuary Spaces

The trend for dressing rooms is growing at a rapid pace, and what was once thought to be a luxury for the rich and bourgeois has turned into a personal haven that every homeowner can enjoy. These lux spaces can provide the perfect storage for clothing, including tailored pieces, an entire shoe collection, hats, and accessories – all the essential elements to complete and compliment outfits for every occasion. A dressing room is ideal for organization and can offer the illusion of excess and decadence while in reality providing all the closet storage needed.

Not Limited to Master Bedrooms

A dressing room can add spice and character to the master suite while the homeowner can feel free to view the addition of a dressing room as an opportunity to enhance their space in creative ways. These spaces are no longer limited to the master bedroom. Plenty of people have taken to the notion of converting an extra bedroom into a dressing room closet modeled after a huge walk-in that has everything the creative mind can conjure, from built-in drawers to islands and chandeliers. Whether adding sparkle and shine with bright colors, glass, and crystal or adding depth with mirrors, deep colors and texture, dressing room trends allow for many different characteristics.

Unlimited Options

Interestingly, smart homeowners are configuring small corners of their bedrooms and even reading nooks or foyers off their master into a space that works well for dressing, while adding functional room dividers for privacy and solitude. With nearly unlimited options, working with a closet designer to map out the concept brings clarity to the dream, while also considering the storage needs and ideal organization.