We find inspiration for our unique materials and color palettes from artisans and designers around the world. To meet a variety of needs and design styles, we offer a broad range of finishes— from classic shades to distinctive textures imported from Italy— for superior flexibility.

Our materials can be easily tailored to your personal style, plus they’re more durable (and easier to care for) than wood. All of our finishes are EU compliant and eco-friendly, as they are made from recycled wood fiber.

An industry leader, Egger offers a full-range of decorative wooden based boards and flooring for the Building, Furniture and Interior Design industries. Originating from Austria, with 19 plants around the world, 27 regional offices and partners in 90 countries, through which they supply all their products.

Italian producers of innovative surfaces for the furniture and interior design industries, the avant-garde of Cleaf’s collection is the product of a combination of exceptional decors and very deep textures. Exclusively produced in Italy, Cleaf panels are highly thought after and are installed worldwide.


Niemann’s partnership with furniture manufacturers and shop fitters has led to trendy, innovative, and flexible decorative ideas. Mirror Gloss, Acrylux, Polymatt, Metal, Kristall, Leather boards, curved components, thermoformed structured surfaces, and many more special effects are possible with this German producer of decorative surfaces.

High-end producers of melamine panels and laminates, producing out of Italy, SM’art are the first to introduce synchronized pore laminates into the market. Coupled with high-impact graphics and visual effects, their decorative panels are particularly well suited to the trendy furnishing industry.

Based in Belgium, Decospan offer an exclusive range of prefinished, ready to use veneered panels that cater for highend interior applications.

Unlike regular veneered panels, Decospan products are ready-touse and are as easy to work with as melamine boards, huge time and cost-saving but with the same unique look and feel that is typical for real wood veneer.