Smart Mirrors
The multi-dimensional mirror by Häfele is a true multi-functional talent: It transforms rooms into wellness oases in the blink of an eye and scores points as an “event manager” with special entertainer qualities. Its high-quality make-up lighting, embedded in the front, even meets professional standards. The brilliantly bright, frontal light effectively reduces shadowing on the face and perfectly complements the room lighting. An integrated de-fogger prevents the steaming of the glass and always ensures the best view. After 45 minutes, the demister automatically switches to the energysaving stand-by mode. The indirect mood light and – oh so smart – the invisibly integrated sound components, controllable via tablet or smartphone, always raise the mood. Using the Bluetooth connection, users can stream their favorite music in the room.

Jewelry Safes
Specialty accessories are what a custom closet is all about. Integrating technology to suit your security needs and keeping your possessions protected, they will elevate your closet from basic to extraordinary. Safe boxes with Electronic fingerprint, a hidden Jewelry Box built inside the wardrobe, drawer safe box with the option of touch screen electronic digital lock. Integrated safes provide security options for precious items and keepsakes.

Wireless Charging Pods
Wireless charging is becoming increasingly important. Wireless charging has been around for a good few years now. Wireless charging technology has been around for more than 10 years, but its inclusion in devices such as Smart Phone lines has given it new life. Our minimalistic and elegant wireless charger solutions range for Smart Phones is ideal for home offices and it integrates with any home furniture.

Biometric Lock
When it comes to smart locks our Finger-print Locks do the smart job for keyless access to your valuables inside doors or drawers. The lock can be opened through fingerprint identification up-to 4000 times in one single charge. It stores up to 20 fingerprints and has two-layer protection.

Practical stepladders for housekeeping work
Practical stepladders for greater safety in home, which come with non- slip feet, ensure that it always remains firmly in place. Sturdy yet elegant design based on anodized aluminum. Can be folded down flat. Available with one or two steps, it Includes wall a mounting bracket. Comes with a bracket allowing it to be stowed away neatly under a work surface or shelf.