Wall Beds Are Smart, Functional, and Cozy

Wall-bed is an ingenious solution for your extra bedroom, home office, or guest space. Due to its inherent “hideaway” functionality, once the bed is folded up into its cabinet, it frees up floor space allowing the room to instantly become transformed into an office, craft space, exercise room rather than remaining merely a bedroom.

ILCA Wall Bed Brand

ILCA Bed systems are a well-known Italian brand that comes in many sizes and are one of the brands Closets Unlimited offers. They are also frequently referred to as a wall bed or Murphy bed; it is a relatively functional mechanism that can change any room into an instant bedroom.The highlight is that a Wall bed, or folding bed, usually uses vertical space to store a bed while converting the floor-space into a more useable open area without the apparent intrusion of a bed. These days they are always on trend because they are indeed the ideal addition to any urban micro unit, loft or home where space is a valuable commodity. Wall beds can be lowered from their hidden vertical position for use each night, snapped back into its original place and tucked away in one quick motion creating a truly multipurpose space.

Cost Effective Solution

Without the cost or time involved in room additions, homeowners are also able to create multi-functional spaces like home offices that can convert into a quiet resting space for work breaks and an evening siesta. When guests arrive, a Wall bed can be quickly lowered to create a convenient guest bedroom, and a child’s playroom can soon become a cozy space for nap time. Any room in the home can be converted into a bedroom with the convenience of a wall bed as they indeed allow homeowners to save space without ever compromising the notion of comfort.

More Than Sleeping Arrangments

While a Wall Bed offers flexibility, added cabinetry is used to turn the space into more than just bedroom furniture. You can transform the room into an oasis of peace and relaxation while doing so in a style that blends well with the home’s overall theme or decor. With a wide array of styles to choose from, homeowners can rest assured that their wall bed fits the decor of their home.

Unlimited Styles Options

There are many types of materials, and finishes to choose from to offer character and personality to not only their bed cabinetry and complement the entire space. There’s no need to sacrifice fashion for functionality with a Wall Bed as they are inherently customizable and designed to fit within the limits of the walls of each room. Additionally, the hideaway capabilities can offer the illusion of a closet or a decorative armoire.

Multi-purpose rooms

Wall beds are usually incorporated into rooms with different purposes, so they become even more useful when designed integrated with home office cabinets or a wardrobe.