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“Great experience! From the salesperson to the installer, everyone was very professional. The installers were very neat and left my house as clean as they found it. I had 3 very different closets done and I am very pleased with all three. I got bids from other closet companies and no one came close in quality for the value from Closets Unlimited. I would highly recommend Closets Unlimited for anyone wanting to improve the organization in their own closet.”


We are very proud of the service we provide for our customers. In fact, we see a client relationship drastically more personal than that of most agencies in our field. Our client relationships do not start at 9AM and end at 6PM—they stay with us to continually receive the quality service they deserve.


"I don't always clop, but when I do, it's because of closets unlimited. I like closets more and more each day because it makes my life a lot easier."





Work with a Designer, not a salesperson, who will uncover your likes and needs. We measure your space and take an inventory of your belongings in order to create a design that perfectly fits you.



With our 3D design software, Idea Books, and samples on-hand, we draft plans that detail the organizational structure and flow of the space. Together we explore our selection of materials and finishes, choosing enhancements, accessories and items to create a closet that is truly unique.



Once you have approved your design, our craftsmen go to work. We fabricate each component based on the precise specifications of your designs, because “custom” means individual, cut-to-order construction.



Your dream closet will become a reality. On installation day you can expect friendly, courteous service, quick and expert work, meticulous attention to detail and a thorough cleanup of the space.


Each project starts with a complimentary in-home design consultation.

You will work closely with one of our expert Designers to create a truly customized, personal design that will exceed your desires and transform your space. From the initial consultation to the installation date and beyond, your Designer is with you every step of the way.


    Please be assured we will not be sharing your contact details with any third parties.

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    Custom walk-in closets are spacious spaces that you can enter, as their name implies. They are the lords of closets made to completely satisfy all of your storage requirements.
    Any area of your home, including an unused room or an awkward corner, can be converted into a walk-in closet. Custom walk-in closets frequently include cabinets, drawers, and other storage options that are adapted to your unique requirements. Custom walk-in closets are frequently constructed close to bathrooms because they can double as changing rooms and/or makeup spaces.
    Here’s some of the top reasons to select a custom walk-in closet:

    The privacy provided by a walk-in closet is one of its greatest advantages, particularly if you have one for you and one for your partner, which is becoming more and more common in modern homes. You just need to enter and shut the entrance. In this manner, you can prepare yourself while your spouse or kids are occupied with their morning rituals in their respective spaces.

    Added Storage
    Walk-in closets offer more room for storing. Custom closet racks, cabinets, drawers, and other storage components can be added as desired. Vertical storage room can also be used to its fullest potential. Many people place unique wall cabinets and shelves to increase the amount of vertical storage.

    Easy To Clean & Organize
    Say goodbye to stuffing your wardrobe with random items once you have a walk-in closet! You can arrange all of your clothing, footwear, and accessories in a walk-in wardrobe. Without having to shift your clothing or accessories around or off the floor, you can thoroughly clean every inch of your custom-built closet when everything is neatly organised.

    Better Functionality
    A custom, walk-in closet with excellent organisation provides excellent utility and efficiency. It can be fitted with accessories like a hairdryer, mirror, and dressing table and attached to the restroom. In this manner, you can rapidly get ready each morning after taking a shower.

    Increased Home Value
    Your home’s resale worth will go up if you add one (or two) walk-in closets. While adding a custom walk-in closet to your house won’t cost as much as remodelling your kitchen, it will feel like you’ve added a room or bedroom, which will undoubtedly increase its resale value.
    The size of the space will determine the walk-in closet’s dimensions. Although there is no such thing as a standard size, we do recommend certain minimal measurements for this kind of structure. A walk-in closet must have a minimum depth of 120 centimeters, which includes 60 cm for the closet itself and 60 cm for the entranceway.

    Predicting how much space will be required to enjoy a space is essential when designing it. The criteria that are required in this situation are:

    - To be able to move around easily inside the closet, take into consideration the size of the users and their movement (anthropometry and ergonomics).
    - To use the closet properly and comfortably, you must be aware of the standard measurements of the clothing that will be kept there. This will enable you to plan how the closet will be organised and what tools will be required.
    In an attic bedroom, a walk-in closet necessitates cautious planning. Our closet furniture systems give you a variety of options, such as drawer units and standalone shelves, so you can arrange walls of any size. In an attic with beams, you have the freedom to choose between modular components attached to the wall and a system of wall-to-ceiling uprights that follow the slope of the walls. In every situation, the most crucial thing to do is to plan ahead and decide which clothing items and accessories will go at the bottom, center, and top of the closet.

    To ensure that you only buy furniture that you actually need, always keep in mind the sort of clothing you want to store (see the diagram below, “Ideal measurements for a functional walk-in closet,” which you can find in this book). Do you own a number of long coats and dresses? You need fewer shelves and more laundry rails. Do you own a number of t-shirts and sweaters? It is preferable to choose a lot of racks. Do you always dress in suits? Create a space for clothing hanging with racks for the pants or skirts and a separate space for “top parts” like shirts, blouses, knitwear, jackets, and blazers.

    Do you own a large shoe or sneaker collection? There should be a shelf in the bottom portion of the closet that is solely for shoes, potentially topped with another row of shelving to divide the shoes from the clothing.
    A set of wall-mounted panels with hooks on them that you can use to attach shelves, drawers, shirt racks, and outerwear hangers. This design may be linear, corner, attic-compatible, or have crooked corners. The walk-in closet with panels that conceal the racks is unquestionably the most opulent style. Although it only has a tiny gap (a few millimetres), the hidden rack makes it possible to shift shelves and other pieces of equipment. The wood panelling acts as a type of covered false wall that encloses the wall. We suggest hiring an expert to help with this project product, either with the planning or the assembly.

    The columns may be floor-to-ceiling or wall-to-wall (not connected to the wall). (attached to the wall). The rods can be built to order or be 3 metres tall. The column-supported modular walk-in closet is incredibly adaptable and can be built to exacting measurements in both linear and corner models. The unique adjustable feet make it perfect for a walk-in wardrobe in an attic as well. Additionally, the poles can be adjusted to accommodate uneven floor or ceiling surfaces. The shelf holders, which can be adjusted with an Allen key that is totally hidden when you look at the closet from the front, make it simple to move the shelves.

    There are numerous linear, corner, and U-shaped walk-in closets available in a range of widths. Technically speaking, there isn’t much to distinguish this from a wardrobe with doors; however, you can tell them apart by the absence of drilled holes for hinges. This wardrobe is made up of a base, a top, sides, and shelves in terms of structure. This method makes it possible to design highly functional, custom closets that are both high-end and reasonably priced. On the inside, shelves, drawers, dividers, rails, shoe racks, integrated LED lights, and more can be added to the wardrobe.

    This style of closet is available in wood or aluminium and has a frame-like border that enhances its aesthetic value rather than its usability. In comparison to some of the other choices, this wardrobe is a little more expensive. This lovely closet is ideal for big rooms where aesthetics are very important. If space is not an issue or if you don’t have any special requirements, this choice, which resembles a closet with doors, is perfect. (such as in an attic, where the closets with rods are more efficient for utilising all of the available space).
    You must seal off the walk-in closet from the rest of the room if you are placing it in an alcove or another area of the room without an entryway. You can easily choose sliding doors, doors with floor-to-ceiling rails, or doors with wall rails in place of adding a new wall. There are a number of choices on the market that come in a variety of fabrics. The doors for the custom wall wardrobe, which come in widths between 65 and 320 cm and heights up to 299 cm, are a more affordable option. You may choose to equip the closet with drawers and boxes, so as to keep your most delicate and valuable clothes protected from dust.
    While walk-in custom closets have many wonderful advantages, they also have some drawbacks, which include:

    Higher Cost
    Building a custom, walk-in closet is more costly than buying a regular wardrobe, as is the case with anything customised.

    Require More Space
    Additionally, walk-in cabinets take up more room. This is fantastic if you need the extra storage, but it’s useless if you don’t or if you just plan to throw things in it without using the added organisational capacity it offers.

    Humidity & Dampness
    If your walk-in closet is connected to your restroom, this might be a problem. For the storage of clothing and accessories, moisture from the restroom may be a problem. Fortunately, a skilled designer like Closets Unlimited can create a space with adequate ventilation and air movement to solve the problem.
    Walk-in closets are extremely useful and typically cost-effective (at least, that’s what we believe!). If you’re a neat freak, the top item on your wish list for your new house or renovated space should be a custom, lifestyle-specific walk-in wardrobe. If built properly, a custom walk-in closet can help you declutter your home by maximising every square inch of room.

    Closets Unlimited in Dubai and Abu Dhabi can assist with everything from designing, building, and installing custom closet cabinets to creating other storage solutions if you’re considering custom, walk-in closets for your house. You can get the finest closet solutions from our designers that are suited to your requirements and price range.
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