Spark Your Creativity with a Craft or Hobby Room

Whether crafting is a hobby or a full-time occupation, it requires space for storage and organization. Any space in your home can be transformed into a fun and functional craft room including a guest room, a space under the stairs, laundry room, or small niche. Filled with built-in storage cabinets and desks or islands for sewing centers, you’re no longer relegated to whatever empty room is available for your craft room organization. A well-designed craft room is an ideal outlet that sparks creativity and provides a place to spread out and work comfortably with easy access to all your tools, and organize supplies. Designed to cleverly fit into any unused space, a custom craft or hobby room is the perfect place for everyone whether they enjoy scrapbooking, sewing, or painting.

Craft Room Design Ideas

Tell us what your crafting projects are so we can figure out your storage and organization requirements. Our designers will collaborate with you on an exciting craft, art, or sewing room design. Our designers will wow you with creative features like built-in ironing boards, cubbies, cabinets, and drawers for canvas and paper – all designed to keep your items organized and at your fingertips. We offer multiple countertop options, desks at various heights, and low-level shelves and cabinets to ensure your hobby or craft room is kid-friendly. Your design can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire to ensure that your craft room becomes a hobby haven.

Craft Room Ideas You Are Free to Explore

Let us help you transform your ideas into built-in craft room furniture that will keep you inspired. Our designers will recommend the best options available to customize your space to suit your tastes and on a budget you can afford. Thick countertops can provide a blank slate for a sewing center, while colorful supplies pop behind custom-designed glass doors and multiple workstations add ample organization and storage for supplies. Let your imagination run wild as you determine the best design options to make your hobby room the place where you are free to create and craft to your heart’s content