The addition of lighting to a space changes everything. The right lights can illuminate your clothing within a walk-in closet or accent a stunning display in your entertaining center, adding both function and beauty to a space.

Closet Lighting
Having everything at your fingertips with a customized closet is just the start. Personalized and well-designed lighting can transform your space from ordinary to extraordinary.

Long-lasting LED lights are energy efficient and their low wattage translates to energy savings in your home.

Sensor lights automatically turn on when a door is opened and turn off when closed.

UV-free lighting will not cause fading or material damage. The proper lighting allows for easier color distinction and matching of your wardrobe, provides even distribution of light along the length of the closet rod, and creates brightness at the ends of each hanger and the garments on either side.

LED lights complement other lighting features to create a perfectly brilliant space.

Shelf Lighting
Lighted shelves not only make any space more efficient, but also add style that is associated with high-end design. A few wellplaced fixtures are a great way to add a lustrous, glamorous feel to storage areas.

By putting light right where you need it, every garment, accessory, and item is in full view.

Lighted shelves make it easy to see items and provide that coveted boutique look.

Lighted slanted shelves turn simple shoe storage into an exceptional display.

The proper lighting will turn a small, dark cubby into a space that is easy to see.

Design Enhancements
The real beauty of lighting is the magical effect it has on the entire
space, especially when designed into unexpected or unique places.
Unique lighting solutions truly personalize your space and your
needs. Choose from valance lighting, under-cabinet lighting, floor
lighting and up-lighting options.

Specific lighting applications can make doing simple tasks easier.
Lighting directly affects the ambience of a room.

A unique approach to task or spot lighting will really bring your storage space to life.

Switch Options
Custom designs require the flexibility of multiple options for operating and controlling lights in order to create the desired mood and effect.

Multiple switching options provide flexibility based on the needs and complexity of the design.

Dimmer switches are ideal for softening light when intensity is not necessary.

Sensor switches provide a hands-free solution.