Pantry Storage Shelves

Pantries and storage shelves, offer tremendous opportunities for adding innovation and a modern touch to your home. Our designers are your partners in pantry transformation and will help you optimize your walk-in pantry closet or wall space to maximize the space in your kitchen for food storage. A well-organized pantry will enhance your kitchen layout and consolidate everything in one central location so that food is on-hand in a convenient, visible, and accessible manner. Adjustable, pull-out shelves for a wall unit or closet accommodate canned goods and spices. Because they are adjustable, your pantry has the flexibility to be modified as your storage needs change. Having all your kitchen essentials in one aesthetically pleasing location makes dining in easy and fun.

Having a separate pantry unit is also a great way to keep the prime space of the kitchen available only to the items you need all the time. Put the less used items such as small appliances, large food items, baking equipment, separate in the pantry.

Personalize Your Pantry

When it comes to pantries anything is possible. Exciting lighting and creative wood, metal, or built-in glass shelves for bottles, baking trays, bulk food, and other collectibles add flair to pantry designs. Collaborate with your designer to create a pantry shelving within a budget that works for you.