Closet Design a is Collaborative Process. Here’s how it all works:

Create the Closet Organization Design
In order to create your perfect closet, we need to know what your objectives are. Do you want more hanging space, shelves to show off your massive shoe collection or do you simply want to find what you are looking for every morning? Once we know what you need, and how you plan to use it, we can present some closet organization ideas and create your organizational design.

Part of the design process includes:
Measuring your space. Precise measurements allow us to begin the process of visualizing how we can best create a closet design to ensure that your goals are achieved.

Taking inventory. Understanding all the items that need to be accommodated in the closet is the only way to make sure that your most important need is met: your “Organizational Need.”

Creating the design. With goals, measurements, and inventory in hand, your designer begins the design phase. Together you will lay out the plan for your design, incorporate your inventory, your organizational needs and your personal goals.

Your Closet Designer Helps You Build the Design Foundation
Once we have created your organizational design, the fun part begins. Together you and your designer will now add all the elements that truly make the design yours.

Select the material. Our incredible range of materials includes melamine, lacquer paint and veneer stained woods, and deep textured melamine.

Choose the color. Along with decorator hues of white, natural, red and gray, we offer wood grain, decorative patterns, and deep textured melamine options. At Closet Unlimited, there is something to fit your style and décor exactly.

Add the accessories. Accessories are the organizational options that really make the space workable for you. Belt racks, Tie racks, valet rods, jewelry drawers, laundry bins are a few of the incredible accessories available to make your closet work for you. Ask your designer to show you how selecting the perfect ones for your space will make getting ready every morning fast and organized.

Create Your Style
Once we have developed your organizational design, selected the color and added your closet’s accessories, it is time to consider the decorative elements that really create the style of your closet. Decorative drawer faces and doors, moldings, and edges; all these things layer your look, reflect your sense of style and truly make a closet personal.

Add enhancements. You will appreciate the beauty and value of our specialty items. They are utterly unique and personalize a space to fit your lifestyle and your individual needs. Select from shoe trays, lighting, mirrors, glass and much more.

Discuss the options. Once you’ve seen all the wonderful features, details and enhancements, you and your Closet Unlimited designer can take the time to review them, discuss where and how they will work and determine how each one affects your price. Our goal is to provide you with the greatest range of options and selections, which allows you to make an educated decision.

Make the right decision for you. You and our designer will now finalize your design with everything you have selected. The moment you approve your final design and price, we can set the installation date of your choice.

What Now?
It’s time to turn your dream closet into a reality, so simply signup for a free design consultation and we will contact you to set a date and time.