Closet design requires specialised expertise and experience.. It’s not something the average homeowner (or production builder or remodeler) does daily (or ever).

The challenge with this is if you want/need a custom closet for your master bedroom, a guest room or vacation home and you or your builder ‘wing-it,’ your design could be plagued by problems and typical mistakes.

Not sure what these problems could be? Here’s a few you could be stuck with.

– You don’t have enough room for your shoes. The average woman has 31 pairs and the average man has 8.

– Your closet system won’t be designed specifically to fit your clothes (or how your mix of clothing changes as styles come and go).

– You won’t know if your closet has too much unused room, or is too cramped, because you never saw a 3D picture to give a ‘feeling’ of how it would live on a day to day basis.

– You’ll have folded clothes which look sloppy and hang over the edge of shelves which were designed too shallow.

– You won’t be able to get completely ready in the closet (and will have to use your already cramped dresser) because there are no drawers in the closet for your socks, underwear and ties.

Closets Unlimited proudly offer closet systems to organize both your wardrobe and your life. Our custom closets are designed with you in mind, so you can trust that our closets will meet your needs with regard to flexibility and aesthetics. Plus, our many available options and accessories mean you can always find features that match your existing décor. Maximize your storage space and maximize the possibilities.