Wardrobes Offer Attractive Storage Solutions

Wardrobes are a great way to add space when a bedroom does not have existing closets or what it does have is inadequate and limited in size. The addition of a wardrobe is a relatively quick and painless solution to increase storage for hanging clothing, folded garments, shoes and even drawer space without the need for remodeling, permits, or any other construction work.

Beauty and Organization

Not only does this type of closet create wardrobe storage, but it can also infuse beauty and add organization and function into any bedroom. A versatile built-in is attached to a wall and designed to look like a reach-in closet with one of the many popular enclosures like barn doors, mirror sliders or even drapes.

Interior of Wardrobe

While the outside of the system is built to blend into the room decor, the interior is organized much like a reach-in closet system to include different lengths of hanging sections, shelving for folded items and shoe storage, hamper for laundry, and drawer space is replacing dresser furniture.

Versatility of Wardrobes

Wardrobes combine the storage and organization capacity of a reach-in while offering the versatility of armoire cabinetry. These furniture looking built-ins are a popular solution when space is at a premium and style is a priority. Wardrobes can also be designed with a variety of functions, not only to store clothes. Common designs include spaces for TV and other electronics and desks.